What’s the difference between a gem lab certificate and an appraisal?

Tampa Bay Jewelry Appraisal Sample 2012A gem lab certificate is a document issued by a gem laboratory. Once the gem is examined using a standardized grading system and standardized equipment by more than one grader, sufficient concurrence of their highly trained and educated opinions is noted in the form of a report. Most gem laboratories do not provide gem or jewelry appraisals or place a monetary value on their reports.

A jewelry appraisal is a legal document expressing an estimate of the valuation, or monetary value of the gem or jewelry. An appraisal is typically a combination of common language and technical information describing the item in full. A photo is usually attached for identification purposes. There are many good reasons to have jewelry appraisals and there are several different kinds of jewelry appraisals. (Please see home page).  A jewelry appraisal is sometimes accompanied by a gem lab certificate.