Jewelry Maintenance

Love, care and maintenance of fine jewelry.

I wish that we never lost a diamond from a precious, sentimental ring; unfortunately, as jewelers, we see this every day. All we can do is our best to console the wearer and replace what has been lost. Life happens while we wear our jewelry. A busy person hasn’t had a chance to stop in and get the prongs checked and, sadly, without attention, parts fail. A ring gets caught on a door handle, a channel wears down after many years of service….Well made jewelry lasts a good long time, however, like anything, it doesn’t last forever without a little TLC. After all, we change the oil in our car, replace brake pads and patch tires.

We suggest that one visits at least twice a year, or better still, winter, spring summer and fall. We can give your jewelry a little check up and clean it, too! Once repairs and maintenance are managed properly, we can hopefully avoid most of the preventable heartache and enjoy our beautiful jewelry once again!

Come on in, we are waiting for you!!