A True Gem

We will miss you terribly, Bob. You are and always will be a true gem.

A TRUE GEM (In honor of Bob’s birthday coming up on the 4th of July, we are re-posting this article.) Recently, I went to a celebration of life to honor the memory of a real diamond; His name is Bob. He will be sorely missed as a lover of all animals, music, people humor and […]

Diamond Purchase Verification

Diamond Purchase Verification

Recently, I have had numerous requests for diamond purchase verification. This is quite different than a diamond jewelry appraisal, antique jewelry appraisal or independent certified jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes. One client wanted to verify that the diamond that he had purchased at a local jewelry store was indeed of the quality stated on the […]

What Is A Jewelry Appraisal?

Independant Jewelry Appraisal Tampa

What Is A Jewelry Appraisal? A jewelry appraisal is an objective, unbiased, fully researched estimate of quality and value of a piece of jewelry. It is the opinion of the Valuer supported by experience, education, training, skills and gem equipment. First, the Valuer must determine what the intended use of the appraisal is, then ascertain […]

Diamond Cut – The 4Cs of Diamonds


Cut is the factor that creates a diamond’s fire, sparkle and brilliance. The traditional cut of 58 facets in a standard round brilliant diamond, all precisely cut and defined, are as small as two millimeters in diameter. But without this level of precision, a diamond wouldn’t be as beautiful. The luster of a particular diamond […]

Diamond Clarity – The 4Cs of Diamonds

GIA Diamond scale

Diamonds are formed deep within the earth  under extreme pressure and heat , they contain unique marks, either internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes). Diamond clarity refers to the absence of blemishes, marks or inclusions .  Any diamonds without these type of marks are rare, and rarity affects a diamond’s value. Using the GIA International Diamond […]

Diamond Carat – The 4Cs of Diamonds

Tampa Bay Diamond Appraisals

Diamonds as well as other gemstones are weighed in metric carats. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. It is important to not confuse carat with karat,  the term used in describing gold purity like: “18K gold” ) Each carat is divided into 100 points. A 50-point diamond weighs 0.50 carats. Two diamonds of equal […]