What’s in the Jewelry Box? – Part 1

Hi, thank you for joining me today!

My name is Susie Crump, solapreneur of West Coast Jewelry Consultants, LLC and also known to friends and family as The Gem Lady.

Aside from custom jewelry design, one of my favorite services is assisting clients in determining what’s in the jewelry box?!

Please be patient while video loads…

First we have a ladies’ “R” watch, I probably can’t say the name without getting into some sort of copyright trouble!

This is a great durable piece; probably last for a very long time..Has an automatic movement, is Swiss and is made of stainless steel and 18 karat yellow gold.

It has an acrylic crystal with a little scratch, but, that can be buffed out easily by a professional.

This one is like a little submarine, perfectly waterproof!

How do I know that this has an Automatic movement?

We can tell by the way the second hand sweeps instead of ticking. Should defiantly have a jewelry appraisal for this timepiece.

On to this very exquisite eagle grey star sapphire.

Surrounded by 3mm or 0.10 carat diamonds set in 14KW gold. That star, a phenomenon called asterism, is gorgeous!

This is a nice one, not too perfect, yet, a well defined 6 ray stars.

Awesome soft color, who wouldn’t want to wear that?!

This was in all likelihood a custom jewelry piece made especially for the center stone.

How do I know what Karat gold this ring is?

There are several ways to test precious metals for purity including new, electronic testers as well as the good old acid test!

Next, we have a strand of pearls…I am so glad that these are in this little silk pouch and separate from the other jewelry.

Pearls are an organic gem, relatively fragile and need to breath and are easily damaged by other jewelry’s precious metal and diamonds. So, a silk purse is great as opposed to a sealed up plastic baggie…oh, okay, two broken strands, but these have a very pretty luster and can be re strung for a small jewelry repair fee, loved and worn again.

Why do pearls have knots in between?

To keep them from wearing out the nacre of the neighboring pearl!

So, I hope that this has been fun!

Now, I shall get on with the task of evaluating each piece and writing these fine jewelry appraisals.

Meanwhile, thank you so much for joining us!

Until next time, with love from The Gem Lady, Bye for now!

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