What’s in the Jewelry Box? – Part 2

Hi, thank you for joining me today!

My name is Susie Crump, solapreneur of West Coast Jewelry Consultants, LLC and also known to friends and family as The Gem Lady.

Aside from custom jewelry design, one of my favorite services is assisting clients in determining what’s in the jewelry box?!

Please be patient while video loads…

So, here we have a pair of inside-outside diamond hoop earrings in 14KW gold really hot and trendy, go granny!

A diamond appraisal may not be necessary for these, but, certainly a diamond valuation.

What do I do to clean my diamonds?

First we want to be sure to plug the sink!

Then, A small bath of hot water, some clear dish soap and a very soft brush is enough.

Rinse, dry and put them back on before unplugging the sink!

Wow, love this labradorite pendant.

It is adorned with sapphire, ruby and emerald and set in 14kt gold, though one sees mostly gems, not precious metal. Isn’t that pretty! Its phenomena called labradorescence.

What is labradorescence?

It is caused by interference on the boundaries of lamellar twin planes and only applies to Labradorite.

This gem was originally discovered in …you guessed it! Labrador!

A fine jewelry appraisal is warranted for this unusual piece of wearable art.

Last, but not least, is a bangle, nice and hefty, solid gold…

this is rather old, decorated with seed pearls and onyx and a few diamonds.

Why is this very old piece of jewelry not an antique?

Antique jewelry is defined as 100+ years old.

So, while not yet an antique, the craftsmanship is reminiscent of the old days when everything was beautifully crafted, even the underside…I love the scroll work!

So, I hope that this has been fun!

Now, I shall get on with the task of evaluating each piece and writing these fine jewelry appraisals.

Meanwhile, thank you so much for joining us!

Until next time, with love from The Gem Lady, Bye for now!

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