Sometimes opportunity knocks…

Sometimes opportunity knocks and we just have to recognize how fortunate we are. This is the experience that I am having as a gemologist.

A while back, a GIA Alumni colleague invited me to work a few Saturdays at his fine jewelry store in St Petersburg, FL.

Thinking that it would be great to learn more about my current industry, fine jewelry, as well as to learn about coins and bullion, I accepted the invitation without reservation.

Since then, I have been amazed at how much knowledge I glean each day as I appraise the fine jewelry that we see come in as well as about how jewelry is manufactured, custom designed, repaired and restored.

I have since been offered full time employment and would like to share the experience with you, dear reader.

If you need fine jewelry appraisals or ANY jewelry service, including buying or selling gold and silver, please visit this website below and please call or just come in to visit me!

Naturally, you are still welcome to call 813-751-5634 and speak with me directly. Either way, we all win!

Oh, yeah, there is also eyeglass repair!

Until next time,

david reynolds jewelry & coin

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