Jewelry Insurance Replacement and Fine Jewelry Appraisals

Dear Reader,
Whether you are at in computer in St. Petersburg, FL, Brandon, FL or Tampa, FL I have great news:

There is no better time to update your jewelry insurance replacement appraisal or finally check getting your fine jewelry appraisals done and off of your list. I have so many clients that tell me that they are afraid to wear their jewelry!! An appraisal for insurance purposes is a sure way to get the policy that is right for you so that you may once again enjoy your vintage, antique or newly purchased jewelry pieces.

If you have just purchased diamond jewelry and want a second opinion as to the value, call us for diamond purchase verification! This can help alleviate that gnawing feeling that maybe you didn’t get a good price or even weren’t sold the item that was represented.


It is also a great time to bring your box full of “unidentified” jewelry items to realize what they may be and whether or not they need to be insured. Also, let’s get the unloved items out and design something new using the gems and recycling the gold, silver or platinum.

What good is it sitting alone in a box?! Let’s get it out and enjoy it!

Best wishes for a great rest of the summer!