A True Gem


(In honor of Bob’s birthday coming up on the 4th of July, we are re-posting this article.)

Recently, I went to a celebration of life to honor the memory of a real diamond;
His name is Bob.

He will be sorely missed as a lover of all animals, music, people humor and photographs. Over the years we have celebrated Bob’s birthday, the 4th of July, with sparklers and cake, with leis and fireworks, with smiles and fun. Bob’s favorite colors are ruby, diamond and sapphire.

I went to see him perform a small part in a play once in which he had no lines.

He regaled us with his very own genuine Chaplinesque manner and had us all immediately in hysterics! Small and silent as his part was, he absolutely stole the whole show!

Bob would take his two dogs, named Freedom and Lady Liberty, to Dr. Ott’s Dog Park every day.

He took pictures and sent them to us via e mail and his friends soon all became a part of the same stream. Every one of us getting to share smiles on our faces at the joy these dogs had as they romped, tugged, muddied and played.

No, Google, this post is not laced with SEO rich text or web driving bingese blogblish.

I simply hope that whoever might be reading this article will take a moment to hug the members of your family, pick up the phone and call an old friend, or spend a minute looking through some old photos. I just wanted to tell you all about our dear friend.

We will miss you terribly, Bob. You are and always will be a true gem.

With love and affection,


We will miss you terribly, Bob. You are and always will be a true gem.