Diamond Purchase Verification

Diamond Purchase VerificationRecently, I have had numerous requests for diamond purchase verification.

This is quite different than a diamond jewelry appraisal, antique jewelry appraisal or independent certified jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes.

One client wanted to verify that the diamond that he had purchased at a local jewelry store was indeed of the quality stated on the sales receipt. Another client wanted to be certain that the diamond that he purchased on the internet matched the lab certification. And still another client wanted to obtain information regarding the quality of a diamond that she was preparing to purchase privately from a family member.

I must commend my clients on their prudence while making such an important diamond purchase.

Often, they are satisfied with the information regarding their jewelry purchases. They have gone away with peace of mind and contentment; However, I have had a few who realized that the diamond jewelry appraisals that they had received with their purchases did not match the goods and they were able to return or exchange the items in question. Some struggled to reconcile their issues with the vendors, yet, with a report in hand, were able to reach resolution with the merchants and can now enjoy the jewelry that they now possess.

A diamond purchase verification by a Tampa jewelry gemologist/appraiser is a simple way to ensure that you will love and enjoy your valuable and important diamond and jewelry purchases.