October Message

I am grateful for the new challenges and experiences!

Dear Reader, It is amazing how much I have learned in this past year about gems and jewelry. I saw pretty much only diamond jewelry for appraisal in Brandon and Riverview. Now, in St. Petersburg, FL, I see emerald jewelry, vintage platinum and diamond jewelry, custom designed and created gold and gemstone jewelry. Not only […]

Jewelry Insurance Replacement and Fine Jewelry Appraisals


Dear Reader, Whether you are at in computer in St. Petersburg, FL, Brandon, FL or Tampa, FL I have great news: There is no better time to update your jewelry insurance replacement appraisal or finally check getting your fine jewelry appraisals done and off of your list. I have so many clients that tell me […]

What is a “Retail Replacement New” Jewelry Appraisal?

What is a Retail Replacement New Jewelry Appraisal?

In this video Susie Crump, Graduate Gemologist, GIA, Registered Master Valuer, USF,  explains what a Retail Replacement New Jewelry Appraisal is and why it is important for consumers to know about.

What is the difference between a jewelry appraisal and a Gem Lab certificate?

Tampa Bay Jewelry Appraisal Sample 2012

In this video Susie Crump, Graduate Gemologist, GIA, Registered Master Valuer, USF,  explains the difference between a Gem Lab Certificate and a  Jewelry Appraisal in Tampa.    

Tampa Jewelry Appraisals – What type of Jewelry Appraisals do Tampa Insurance Companies require to pay claims?

Tampa Insurance Jewelry Appraisals Video

Tampa Jewelry Appraisals Questions – In the this video Susie Crump explains what type of Jewelry Appraisals Tampa Bay insurance companies normally want when paying insurance claims for jewelry. Susie Crump is a Independent Jewelry Appraiser in the Tampa Bay area and a Graduate Gemologist, GIA, Registered Master Valuer, USF.

Insurance Replacement Appraisal Services

Tampa Jewelry Insurance Appraisals

Jewelry appreciates in value.  In order to protect your assets, it is important to update your appraisals every two years to determine the value of your jewelry in today’s today. As a certified Tampa independent jewelry appraisal expert we can provide certified appraisals that can be use in insurance claims to determine replacement costs for […]